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Hello fellow movie fans.

This week only one major release made it to Tulsa, I know right?? I will get into that after a few thoughts on....
I, Frankenstein . 
I think everyone expects this to be bad and I bet you will read a lot of negative reviews about it once they start coming in. I hope that doesn't sway you if you want to see it and you give it a chance and make up your own mind. I will say this right off the bat...
If you did not like any of the Underworld movies or your having trouble with This new take on The Monster after seeing the trailers and you are a purist then I think there will be plenty to scoff at and offend. I suggest going back and revisiting some classic Frankenstein movies if you are of that mindset.
However.....I have always loved Frankenstein's monster. The whole mythos. The ideal of being this tragic, immortal, tormented creature. Heading north to hide in solitude, possibly drawn by the magnetic pull of the poles and subsisting over the century's, hopefully, gaining self awareness and purpose.
 I found some of this and more in I, Frankenstein and enjoyed it in that sense. Aaron Eckhart is great as this new version of The Monster, calling himself Adam Frankenstein taking his "fathers" name, and I was not disappointed by his portrayal. Yes- it gets a little crazy, okay a lot crazy, but that is part of the fun of it. I mean it is a monster action flick right?? Franks had a hard life, give him a break.

"Movies?? We don't need no stinking movies." Yeah we kinda do. Tulsa is just not big enough to rate with the studios. I know it sucks. but don't take it too bad. There is a little more to it than that. Every movie is a risk and depending on how big it is, is how much advertising budget that movie is  allotted. So they test in L.A. and N.Y. and some other big cities and see how it do's and if it makes any money, how that's determined is a whole other blog, then it gets a wider release and a couple month's later we here in T-town get to see it finally. Another factor is the Academy Award rules. Contenders are released in L.A./N.Y. in December just to say they had a "theatrical release" and qualify to be considered for that years awards.
But don't let all that deter you because the whole movie seeing landscape is evolving and how we see the movies we want to see changes everyday. I mentioned a really cool new flick Banshee Chapter that was available to see via download. Amazon, Netflix, Itunes ,all of these offer alternatives to us and that is a really good thing. 

So happy watching at the movies or the couch this week everyone.

Tulsa Movie Guy

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