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Ronnie The Movie Guy

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This weekend offers up some laugh's some smart's, and some creepy moments for sure. All to be had in this weeks mixed bag of releases.

Welcome to this weeks movie blog , the first ,hopefully of many. I humbly submit to you, my fellow movie fans, my thoughts and opinions on this weeks new releases.
Okay, first off, let me just say that Horror movies in general are completely subjective. I think everyone gets something different and responds on different levels.
I personally like atmospheric, moody films that put you in the moment or leave you with some very creepy vibes, especially, say later when you rethink a scene or moment you saw in the film and you end up with all the lights on in your house. Ha! And this may be asking too much but I like an original ideal too. And this may be the biggest problem with...  
The Devils Due.
 It is very simply a remake of Rosemary's Baby. But with all the special effects that come with a horror movie these days.Yet another Found-Footage film (are you sick of F.F. yet??) and that in its self causes problems, especially if your paying attention and expect at least a little bit of logic with your popcorn. Yes it has some scares and some jumps.Ladies maybe you should sit this one out if you are currently with child. That said, the story involves a young couple who end up expecting a baby shortly after a honeymoon weekend gone somewhat weird. Some of the best moments for me are the pregnancy and how it spirals into some very creepy and dark stuff as the trimesters progress. You guessed it. Things get worse and the film builds up and up the scares and mayhem that will keep you jumping till the end. If you don't over think it or expect too much and just want some jumps and scares this should do it for you.

The Nut Job
You have kids?? then guess what ... your probably going to go see this movie. Ha! They will have a great time. It's goofy and frantic and has some good laugh's.You may not like it all that much, but you will get a kick out of seeing your kids enjoy it. (I did). It is in 3D and since it's animated the 3D is not too bad. I personally don't think it's worth the extra money, in fact the movie itself is probably an early matinee and not a full price flick. A great Sat/Sun morning first showing movie outing for you and your kids. 

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit 
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan has had many faces on film. Remember a young sweaty Alec Baldwin trying to hang in there with Sean Connery??  Harrison Ford was so nice he did it twice. Ben Affleck, YES ben Affleck even. And now we have an origin story and A young Jack Ryan in the guise of Chris Pine. Is this the start of a franchise??? I know the studio sure hopes so. I personally really enjoyed  everything in this, the 1st, of probably many movies. First off It's smart. it's fast and Kenneth Branagh  is great behind and in front of the camera. His villain rounds out a great cast especially Kevin Costner as Jack's handler and mentor. I think any fan of the previous incarnations or the spy genre in general will not be disappointed.

Ride Along
Kevin Hart . What? You want more? Okay I guess if that's not enough for you to go see it. Yes it's a little formulaic, and yes, a lot of "buddy" movies will come to mind after seeing this. But the laughs are there and Hart is at his best up against his hopefully,future brother-in-law, the very grumpy Ice Cube. Fun Stuff. So check all your problems and give your brain the night off and laugh it up.  You pretty much know the premise since you've seen the trailers, and that was enough to get me to want to see it and I had a great time.


Maybe crowds, getting out and spending all that money are not for you. Well This week saw the release of some great movies that you may have missed and even some Oscar contenders worth revisiting as well. 
The Spectacular Now. My personal favorite of the week , heck it's one of ny favorite films of last year. Miles Teller is amazing! I have not been this impressed by a first time appearance or discovery since Dicaprio in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The acting is amazing.  
Lee Daniels The Butler  and the haunting Fruitvale Station depicting the true story of Oscar grant.Are both Oscar contenders for sure.
 Carrie And Your Next.  I recommend Your Next if you did not see it when it came out. Smart and twisty.
Enough Said. A great movie that deserves to be seen. If your under thirty this film may be lost on you but hopefully anyone who see's it will recognize how great James Gandolfini was in this movie and no one should be surprised if he receives a posthumous nomination making him the 8th actor to receive such an honor and only the 3rd in the Oscar's history if he should win. The first Oscar going to Peter Finch for his role as the "MAD AS HELL!!"  TV anchorman from Network .  The 2nd went to Heath Ledger and his iconic portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Have a great time at the movies or the couch this week!!

Oh!! if you have a An AMC Stubs card be sure to use it when purchasing your reserved seats on line for AMC. The fees are lifted for Stubs cardholders. Just saved you some bucks!

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