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Bigfoot Lives

Survivorman Bigfoot :: Does Bigfoot Exist?

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So my husband turned me onto the show called Survivorman and an epidsode called Bigfoot. I'd like to believe that Bigfoot really does exist. But why isn't there any footage of one. Les Shroud tries to debunk all the info you've seen or heard about Bigfoot. I've watched other shows where they come up with all these conclusions on what Bigfoot's habits are. What Bigfoot sounds like, looks like, habits, eating patterns, etc.

If you believe or not, I suggest you watch this show. You can probably search for it and record in your dvr. This show, unlike many others, gives you a detailed reason for the information people have concluded on the Bigfoot. The following is a creepy encounter, Todd, has with what he believes is a Bigfoot. 






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