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Walking Dead

Walking Dead

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**Spoiler Alert**

Is it just me or do the Olympics seem to be a little boring this year? Let's do something about this...


Okay... That is out of the way, I know a lot of people were not as excited by last weeks episode of The Walking Dead, but I really liked it. I don't think every episode can be action packed and jaw dropping. I just don't think I could take Hearsel moments happening every week. Being that I'm not a Carl fan, it was kind of nice to see his teenage attitude come out full force and maybe even learn a lesson by the end of the episode. That he couldn't do this without Rick right now. And FINALLY a moment where we could learn some about Michonne (even though I'm dying to know more). And the perfect line at the end of Rick saying the door was for Carl. Just made me smile. 

This week was more of the same with a little more walker action. Can you imagine being a guy during the zombie apocalypse and having to take care of 3 little girls, 1 being a baby? Tyreese certainly has my heart having to man up, so to speak. But what do you think will happen when he finds out about Carol killing his love? It could hit the fan all over again. Great episode, but I am worried that Daryl may revert to being lost mentally. Even though he has Beth to help him find his way, so to speak.

On Talking Dead a fan tweeted there seemed to be a similarity between the Dixon brothers and Lizzie and Mika. If there is, I feel like I haven't seen it yet. Except that Lizzie scares me. :) Also, I can't wait to see when Maggie and Glenn will reunite. Or will they? Not having read the comics, I can't wait to see who these new characters are that Tara and Glenn have met up with. What have you thought of the return of The Walking Dead. Tweet me @cristal4radio

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