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  • Selena Comez is so grateful "Come & Get it" is her first #1 hit

    AWEEEEEE I love this.. Selena Gomez freaks out and is so grateful for her fans and the radio stations for making "Come and Get It" her first number 1 hit.. YOU GO GIRL

  • Woman builds prosthetic leg out of WHAT?


  • How to stop Twitter from tracking you down

    Twitter planning on tracking you down on the web even when you're not on Twitter to help advertisers get more creative with their advertising.. UHMMM NO THANKS..

  • Criminal gets hogtied in Oklahoma

    Did you hear about this story. A man hogties a criminal in his front yard leaving him there for the police to find because he was late to work. I LOVE THIS STORY... and it was in Oklahoma

  • Why people are deleting you off facebook

    I found this article in Cosmo and laughed my butt off. Lately it seems a friend or two from elementary school or high school have seemed to of disappeared from my newsfeed lately. I began asking myself what the?? Although I don't notice them missing till months or maybe even years later I still wonder "well that was awfully rude of them" "I haven't even talked to them in a loooong time why the deletion?" Well for one I kinda just answered my own question I haven't talked to them in a looooong time why do I care? I have this syndrome that EVERYONE has to like me... I'm working on it.. I wish they offered some sort of help or meds for this sickness because it's really annoying. I'm starting to not care as much.. I just gotta tell myself not everyone is going to like you.. WHO CARES what they think of you... AND I SHOULDN'T CARE..

  • 4th of July speciality drinks

    Now as I mentioned before I'm a huge 4th of July fan so long as no one tries to shoot a roman candle at me. I found some recipes of some delicious 4th of July drinks. These sound absolutely scumptious. Perhaps you might wanna try some of these out tomorrow..


  • How to surive the 4th according to action movies!!

    Boom!!! I love the 4th of July.. LOVE IT. I'm a little sad though because my town no longer allows us to by a permit to shoot them off. You just can't shoot them off AT ALL. My heart was a little broken over this, but I'm gonna figure out how to make it one heck of a holiday still. Action movies teach us a lot (lol) Find out how they teach us to survive tomorrow..

  • How does Rihanna not get arrested for her outfits?

    Why can't I pull off anything Rihanna wears? Is she just more brave than I am? Does she have more courage? I looooove what she wears each and everytime I see a picture of her, but I also think ya ughhhh she's barely even covered. She wears that out on the streets, and doesn't get arrested? How does that happen? I'd be so scared something would pop out of these outfits that I'd have to wear a fur coat in the summer time to cover myself up.

  • Do you know what a Romper is?

    Ya, I didn't either, and I'm all about the fashion world. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to stop in at a store and try on one of the fabulous little get-ups. Not sure if my body type can pull off something like this but I'm willing to try it. It's not fully commited to the minidress and super cool for the heat this summer.

  • Jennifer Lawrence I'm looooving your outfit

    I'm all about the latest fashion trends. Most of the time I just make up my own fashion trends, because I don't understand a lot of them. Like the floral print jeans. Excuse me what? Ya not happening. I like to look at Posh Spice for fashion advice because everything she wears I'd love to own. However I found this adorable little get up Jennifer Lawrence is wearing to the Dior Fashion show AWESOME!!!... I WANT IT..LIKE TODAY!! ;-)

  • #FamousPeopleProblems

    Guess what Kim Kardashian got Kanye West for his first Father's Day gift. (My first thought) huh?? what is it? Than I realized oh man Famous people problems they sure do got it rough... lol

  • Cirque Du Soleil artist dies after falling from the stage at MGM Grand(vegas)

    The Ka show artist and mother of 2 was pronounced dead on Saturday June 29th .

  • They told me to toss this look out, but I'm thinking I wanna KEEP IT!

    I just read in Cosmo cut out clothing is out, I didn't even know it was ever in. After reading all about these cute tops and dresses I'm horribly sad to see they are officially out of style. Every outfit Cosmo said to toss out this summer all I kept thinking was TOSS IT INTO MY CLOSET... Love these looks, not sure if I could pull them off but love them anyway.

  • Justin Bieber forgets the words to his song

    Justin Bieber seemed to of forgotten the words to his song "Fall"

  • Power foods

    1. Eat more broccoli... get less wrinkles!

  • Oh my goodness SOOOO CUTE!!!

    Oh my goodness. If you need a reason to go aweeeeee today I think I've found it for you. I can't get enough of this video you guys. The little guy is pushing the little puppy in a shopping cart all across town. Ahhhhhh So adorable!

  • Happier people have better skin

  • Jared Leto AKA Jordan Catalano in a pink wig..

    There's not many looks my dear darling Jared Leto can't pull off..

  • Miley Cyrus comes Jimmy Kimmel in her underpants

    "I did not realize when you walked out you were wearing your underpants," Kimmel quipped.

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