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  • Glee member does a song dedication to Cory

    I'm still not over Cory Montieth's death. My heart still hurts. I can't imagine how his friends and family feel. Chord Overstreet from Glee dedicated a beautiful song to Cory at his latest concert. Check it out...

  • This made me tear up. True love at it's finest!!

    Oh my goodness. This made me tear up. True love at it's finest.

  • Husband records wife throwing tantrum as evidence for his upcoming divorce

    *** warning some explicit language involved**

  • Leggings in the style of superheroes

    OHHHHH EMMMMM GEEEEE guys... I just discovered something I have to have like yesterday. SuperHero leggings?? I'm sorry what?? why did this take so long to design. .GENIUS..I'll take one of everything.. Leggings in the shape of arm..DONE!! Leggings that make me look like I have super powers..DONE!! You've sold me... I'll take all of them

  • Kanye West sells plain white t-shirt for HOW MUCH?

    Ughhh I'm sorry wha?? Kanye West selling his plain white t-shirt for $120 not only is he always grumpy but he always seems to think he's more important than he REALLY IS.... would you buy this?

  • Rihanna gets chips thrown at her during her show

    Rihanna gets chips thrown at her during her show. Seriously, why throw things at an artist you PAY to see for realz you guys. Her response is hilarious. You can catch it at the :48 mark

  • Cory Montieth (Police interview after his passing)

    I don't know about you, but when I heard the news of Cory Montieth's passing I couldn't get my mind off of it. My heart was broken. I was in Austin, TX preparing for my Voice audition and I awoke to hear the news. All weekend and still I keep thinking about it. I am in complete shock, and poor Lea Michele. I could not imagine losing the love of my life so young. :( I was unable to see the police interview, until now.

  • badly mis-heard lyrics (mis-quoted perhaps?)

    This happens to me all the time you guys, and I work in radio. I can honestly say I always mis-quote lyrics. My favorite thing to do is start singing along in front of people REALLY REALLY LOUD and all of a sudden they correct me and say those aren't the lyrics. (It happens a lot) Do you have any songs you can think of that you mis-quote? Maybe you don't even realize you're singing it wrong. That's what happens to me. I think I know the song and soon realize oops! that's not what I've been singing..

  • The Bandeau top.. would you dare pull it off this summer?

    Apparently ladies are skipping the crop top look this summer and going straight to the Bandeau top. Would you dare to try and pull it off? It's a cute look, if you're brave enough to try it. ME... I'm waaaay to un-tan to call this season actually summer therefore I will not be trying to pull off the bandeau top. I wish I could, because I love it but I'm doing everyone a favor by not showing off my super super un-tan very pale skin off to you more. You're welcome

  • I'm like a shoe connoisseur

    I'm like a shoe connoisseur you guys. My closet is filled with sooo many shoes. I think most girls closets are though, but I really think it's becoming one of those crazy addictions for me though. When I travel to other cities I have to buy a pair of shoes from that city. Cosmo has brought to my attention some super sexy shoes that I'd like to have. Problem is the price. I might be a shoe connoisseur but lady can't afford to be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for each pair. However you should still check these girls out.. LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS..

  • WOW! This guy turns the speed up to 25mph on a treadmill

    OMG Get this guy some sort of medal. He's an undrafted rookie for the Arizona Cardinals and turns up the speed on the treadmill to 25.0 MPH.. WHA??? YES this video is nuts.. this guys is nuts.. crazy good!

  • Selena Gomez new song featuring Bieber Voicemails

    This song breaks my heart. Selena Gomez's new song featuring Justin Bieber voicemails. For some reason it just got me real sad, but you guys I love it..

  • Blurred Lines as the Full House Theme Song

    My heart loves this and misses Full House... Check this out

  • I'm auditioning for THE VOICE this weekend

  • Barbie got back

    I don't know if you remember, but awhile back Demi Lovato announced she wanted someone to create a real life Body Barbie. Not these stick figures that is completely impossible for a girl to ever look like. Well the creation has been made and I have to say.. I WANT ONE! I love this, I think it was a fantastic idea.

  • The POSSIBLE cure to smelly feet

    It is making me crazy having to post about this. As I've mentioned before I absolutely 100% hate feet. I hate talking about feet, I hate looking at feet. They just disgust me. LISTEN FOLKS!! They start smelling a lot more horrible during the summer than any other time of the year. I just read about a possible cure to this, and was SHOCKED! Find out what this study is saying helps with your feet this summer as I gag.. BLAAAH!

  • Kanye West new Collection coming to a possible store near you

  • Sex on the reg makes you look younger

    What? So I just read the darndest thing on Cosmo. "Doing the deed" on a regular basis can take up to 7 years off your face and make you look younger. YOUNGER... !!! OH MY OH MY... This is fantastic news right??


  • Emblem3 "Spaghetti"

    Well honestly I never thought I'd l'ike a song called "Spaghetti" but I do I kinda love it

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