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  • 50 Shades of Grey Nail Polish line

    I saw this coming. There is a 50 Shades of Grey nail polish line coming to our lives. $9.50 each at Ulta. It's a limited edition collection, so I'd hurry. There's 5 shades of grey and 1 red! OPI has come up with a great collection to choose from.

  • How to make weight gain not be a part of your Thanksgiving

    USNews had a whole lot to share about the easy steps to take in order to help you not gain weight during the holidays. It's super easy to overindulge during the best time of year.

  • Gorgeous make-up gift ideas

    I was flipping through GLAMOUR magazine and noticed this article on pretty make-up gift ideas. Every idea they gave I pretty much loved. Especially the Sephora Favorites Superstars package for $75. Everything inside of this, I'd use.

  • Thanksgiving favorites made healthier

    I'm a huge health nut so I had to share this, Thanksgiving favorites made healthier:

  • Hottest denim trend for Fall

    According to Glamour Magazine this Jeans trend can look good on anyone. It's the ankle length jeans. I like to only pair mine with bright colored stiletto's. However flats can look good with them too.

  • A pretty wallet that will charge your phone

    This is being called one of the top Christmas presents of 2014. It's a wallet which also charges your phone. The Halo Wallet. My mind was just blown. Oh my gah. It runs just a little over $80 but they do have a special holiday price for even cheaper for the time being. I want one. Especially the pink one. It will even charge your ipad.

  • Donate your left over candy to our troops!!

    If you've got left over candy at your house and you're not wanting the extra calories or wanting to waste it and throw it all away donate it to our troops through Operation Shoebox. Pack it up and shift it off...

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