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Lady GaGa/Perez Hilton TWITTER FEUD

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This honestly breaks my heart. I'm a fan of both of these folks but more so Perez Hilton. I'm not sure what went down with these two, but it's getting pretty serious pretty fast. This all went down on Twitter, and it's reaching the point of CRAZY. GaGa's fans are now tweeting Perez Hilton death threats to him and his son. DEATH THREATS?? REALLY?? Those aren't needed. You don't even know Lady GaGa personally and know the facts about what happened between the two to make this hatred so intense. How about we leave Perez's poor little baby out of this argument. SO RIDICULOUS. You've gotta check out some of these tweets that were going on back and fourth between the two. CHAOS! NUTSO!! 


See the entire convo here from BUZZFEED

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