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I'm auditioning for THE VOICE this weekend

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I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm constantly taking road trips to audition for reality tv shows. It's kinda "My Thing" I tend to get car sick though. Only at certain times and usually if I'm driving I'm alright which seems strange to me, but I guess it might be because I have something to focus on. This weekend I'll be taking myself to Austin, TX for "The Voice" auditions. It's an 8 hour drive there and an 8 hour drive back. I can do this. I looove traveling, but I prefer to do it on a plane. In my opinion though anytime I can get away to anywhere makes me quite a happy girl. I just love traveling especially when it involves auditioning for a reality tv show. I've found an article in glamour for healthy road trip snacks and I think I'm gonna take every single one of these things along with me THIS WEEKEND..

Wish me luck...

see the road trip snacks here 

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