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Why people are deleting you off facebook

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 I found this article in Cosmo and laughed my butt off. Lately it seems a friend or two from elementary school or high school have seemed to of disappeared from my newsfeed lately.  I began asking myself what the?? Although I don't notice them missing till months or maybe even years later I still wonder "well that was awfully rude of them" "I haven't even talked to them in a loooong time why the deletion?" Well for one I kinda just answered my own question I haven't talked to them in a looooong time why do I care? I have this syndrome that EVERYONE has to like me... I'm working on it.. I wish they offered some sort of help or meds for this sickness because it's really annoying. I'm starting to not care as much..  I just gotta tell myself not everyone is going to like you.. WHO CARES what they think of you... AND I SHOULDN'T CARE..


Here's what the Cosmo ARTICLE says about why these people are randomly deleting you

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