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Social Media work out brags.. Annoying or inspirational?

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I constantly see people posting on twitter and facebook and every where else on the internet. How they just worked out for hours, and how they are sooo sore from their workouts. #humblebrag

Do you find this annoying or inspirational?

Cosmo asked me this question today and I seriously began thinking hmm... I do, it kinda annoys me. In no way do I read someones status and think to myself ohhh time to get my butt off facebook and turn into a work out queen!! NOPE! 

Snooki constantly tweets how she's always working out (& don't get me wrong the girl looks fantastic) but when you are posting tweets every day about how you're a bad ass at the gym it's not inspirational it kinda just makes me wanna reach through my screen and karate chop your tweets.. HAHA.. not really.. but does this kinda stuff inspire you?

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