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I HATE feet

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My feet are totally covered...


I can't stand the site of feet. I got married a little over 2 years ago and I told all my bridesmaids the only thing I ask is that you don't wear open toe shoes. I find them disgusting. I've never received a pedicure...because just the thought of someone touching my feet grosses me out. I was a dancer my whole life (including a ballerina) and dancing on blocks of wood at the tip top of my toes perhaps helped with this squeemish fear, but just imagining someone seeing my feet or touching my feet. Blah...

I hate driving by a car and seeing feet and toes wiggling out the window. I gag I seriously gag. Shoes & socks are made for a reason keep those things hidden. 

Does anyone else get totally grossed out by the site of feet?




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