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Hilarious..Flight stuck on runway..Whole plane breaks out into song

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 I know what it feels like to be stuck on a plane that's been sitting on the runway for a REAAALLLLLY long time. In fact I just had a flight from Houston to Orlando in April, but we weren't stuck on there for 5 hours like these guys in this video were... OH MY GOODNESS...

The video was posted to Reddit a day ago by one of the guys who started the song.

“People were getting sick and furious,” he wrote. “My friends and I tried to lighten the mood.” In the comments’ thread, the poster also said he and his friends were flying back to Phoenix from a Las Vegas bachelor party. They were stuck on the runway for an estimated five hours — told they “would forfeit our money and seat if we got off the plane.”


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Tulsa, OK

Few Clouds
Few Clouds
NNE at 8 mph