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Stress makes you less attractive towards men

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Everyone knows the romantic comedy archetype of The Career Woman, right? She's got a very busy career, and she's WAY too stressed for love, you guys. God, get out her way already so she can finish typing this document, Ruggedly Handsome Man. Until Handsome Man gets her to relax and feel emotions again and quit her terrible corporate job to follow her dream of opening her own headscarves-for-dogs boutique/marrying him. Or whatever, but that's the basic gist.

Sandra Bullock manages to make The Career Woman totally adorable and lovable, of course.




The problem with this scenario? (JK, there are like, a hundred problems with this scenario but let's just focus on one for today.) Guys are actually less attracted to stressed-out women. Everyone start stressing about this immediately!

OK, don't. But here's the breakdown: Stress and anxiety tend to make a body produce more of the hormone cortisol. Scientists had 18 heterosexual male students evaluate photographs of young women, and they rated those with lower levels of cortisol in their blood as more attractive. Less stress could be a signifier of good health, which tends to make a person more attractive, but for the record, cortisol can affect the immune system but the strength of a woman's immune system didn't affect men's ratings of her hottie rating. (Ladies, on the other hand? We loooove a good set of antibodies in a man.)

It's a small study of fairly young people, so take it with a grain of salt as usual, but frankly, this seems kind of obvious to me. When I'm stressed, I tend to wake up with a glaring red line between my eyebrows from sleeping with them pursed together in terror. Sex-ayyyyyy!

When you're stressed, do you feel like it's written all over your face? Does it affect your relationship with your guy, or how men react to you?


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