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I know in times like this no one ever knows the right words to say. We don't know what these victims have been through unless we've been through the same thing ourselves. I wish I could do something to make this all go away for these families, but I can't. I know all of our hearts are broken for these victims. I for one am a proud Oklahoman. No other state means more to me, no other place means more to me. I grew up here and I wouldn't change it for the world. Tragic things happen everywhere in the world. It's an imperfect world. It never fails when tragedy strikes this amazing state it seems all of us Oklahomans come together in a time of need and donate whatever we possibly can to try and help these families. I'm so proud to call myself an Oklahoman. The way we've all come together to help these families brings so much thankfulness into my heart.

I also must add it's not just Oklahomans coming together it's everyone in this country. So many people in so many other states have asked how they could help. This is the greatest country  with some amazing people. The good always outweighs the bad. The good people always outweighs the bad.


It's nice to know when tragedy strikes this state we'll always have amazing people with HUGE hearts to help eachother out.

So thank you Oklahoma and thank you everyone else in this country for your constant love, prayers and thoughts to these tornado victims.


PLEASE feel free to post your thoughts and your feelings below..


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