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Apparently fried chicken is supposed to help u..uhm..reach the big O

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This is the craziest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. Check this out from COSMO



 When it comes to orgasms, we know a thing or two. However, we've never heard of this.

On a recent episode of The Steve Harvey Show, a woman admits that when she wants to make sure she'll climax, she thinks about Popeyes fried chicken—the spicy kind: 

"If he's not doing what he's supposed to in there, I start thinking Popeyes spicy, Popeyes spicy. And it just gets me to where I need to be."

Well, this is understandable. Chicken is pretty damn good. And Popeyes chicken is foodgasmic. I freaking love Popeyes chicken. I am a fan of a number six combo with an extra biscuit. Their chicken nuggets are so juicy and crispy. Biting into one is like taking a split-second trip to paradise, where I am served endless cocktails by a hunky shirtless man.

So ladies...if your man is Louisiana fast, just start thinking about some spicy chicken and you'll probably have an orgasm before he does.

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