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Live in constant fear of cankles?

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 I saw this on "Shape" magazine's twitter and had to share...if you live in constant fear of CANKLES, this can help either get rid of them or keep them at bay.

A major culprit:


"Fluid Retention

Fluid buildup in the ankle generally comes from a heavy sodium intake; it's a pure reflection of one's dietary habits. 


What can I do? If you notice that your ankles have begun to swell and/or feel as though you are retaining water, visit your physician or schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian. Remember that 80 percent of your overall wellness is based on what you eat, not what you do physically. 


Will exercise help? A structural wellness plan can be established with a certified personal trainer. But again, you cannot spot reduce--exercise is just part of the equation. Walking, running, hiking, or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator will contribute to a healthy overall lifestyle."


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