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Are you the Rebound Chick?

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They Dated for 
More Than Two Years

After a long relationship, plenty of men (heck, and women, too) want to go a littlewild before they settle down again. If he was with her more than two years,there's a good chance he won't be looking for anything serious right away. Give it a few months—if you're both still interested, go for it.

He Doesn’t Invite You Over

Haven’t been to his place? Her stuff—clothes, photos of the two of them, etc.—might still be there. This guy might have hopes of getting back together.

He Rips on Her

If he's still angry with her and the breakup, he's still not over it. He won't be ready to give you love until he works through this stage.

He Never Mentions Her

It's pretty impossible to get over an emotionally connected relationship quickly. If he never mentions her, and he seems to have moved on, he may not have the ability to have close bonds. Either that, or he isn't willing to show you his vulnerable side. Both can be warning signs.

He Takes You 
to the Same Places

Are you going to the same games, restaurants, and clubs as he did with her? Yeah…he could just be looking for a stand-in.

He Wants Sex ASAP

This guy isn't interested in building a relationship with you. He's just looking to get some so he’ll feel better.

He Won’t Introduce 
You to His Friends

Sure, it could be because it’s to soon, but keep an eye on things if he’s shady about having you meet his buddies. It could be that he doesn’t see things going anywhere.

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