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New Diet Trend Alert *ding ding ding*

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Warning: All diets should always be tried with Doctor's approval prior 

New Diet Trend Alert… *DING DING DING* Would you try this?


Here we go...

5:2 diet

According to, you eat 3 normal meals a day, 5 days a week.  Easy, right?  Then for TWO consecutive days out of the week, you eat no more than 600 calories total (300 per day).

Supposedly, it takes a week to get used to it but researchers are swearing by this fasting process.  They also say to try an every-other-day fast.  One day, the sky's the limit.  The next day, only 600 calories.  Those who fasted every other day improved their cholesterol & blood sugar levels, lost weight and cut many other disease factors.

That's crazy!  I mean, I'm totally going to try it...

I'm not sure if I could ever try this I don't think I have the willpower, but would you?

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