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Valentines Day not just for us ladies anymore

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Do guys enjoy getting valentine's?  We know ladies LOVE to get some attention on Valentine's Day.  Yes... we know the flower shops hike up their prices on that day, because WOMEN LOVE TO GET FLOWERS AT WORK!  We love to show our friends, coworkers, and complete strangers that we are LOVED.  Call it what you will.. its true.


But do guys get in to that as well?  Do they brag about getting the new watch, beer of the month, or even flowers?

Well, according to they do!  Fellas want to be appreciated just as much as the women do.  And how does one show appreciation with gifts?  Some of the favorite gifts mentioned are DVDs, Cologne, techy gadgets, and watches.  Oh... and some bedroom time/ fun was on the list too.

But DO NOT forget a card! Whether its funny, sweet, or sentimental... a VALENTINE'S CARD is a must. You have been warned. =)

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