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How to grow your hair out faster

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Regret a hair cut?  Want to add a few inches to your current hair cut? While you can't hurry time can do a few things to help your hair grow out stronger & better.  That means less breaks, more healthy length.

3 steps:

1.  Nourish!  Try not to shampoo every day. And when you do, only shampoo around your scalp.  You want your ends to stay as healthy as they can and too much shampoo can dry them out. 

You will also want to look into a good protein mask and use it once a week. Just hit up Ulta, Sephora, your local pharmacy.  There are lots of great masks to choose from.

2.  Don't cut...just trim.  While many opt to not get hair cuts at all while growing out their hair, this mentality usually comes back to shoot you in the foot.  By trimming split ends and keeping them healthy they grow stronger, don't split, and stay... hence, adding length faster.

3.  Wrap it up.  If at all possible, try not to sleep on your hair.  If you can get it ina pony tail or bun on top of your head, defintley do this. By sleeping on your hair you are damaging it. And you know the theme... the more you damage, the less it grows.

...and if you really want to do everything you can do to grow out your hair... I have heard that scalp massage helps stimulate growth. My jury is still out on this one, but its worth a try and I bet it feels good too.


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