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My American Idol Recap

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 My American Idol Re-cap

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Wow, just wow..That's the only way I really know how to start out this review. Let's put it this way...I still have yet to finish last night's episode. I had to turn it off after 20 or so minutes. This show really isn't even about talent anymore. The other talent competition shows that have popped up throughout the years have passed Idol in not only entertainment but overall talent. If the entire season is going to be Mariah & Nicki bickering back & fourth why would anybody want to keep watching? Enough of the sad stories. I've been to enough of these auditions to know if you ain't got a good story or don't have a sad story they don't want to see you. They are filling their show with sad stories of people who can't even sing. They are crossing their fingers that as long as they have a good story to entertain the audience, the viewers won't even notice their bad voice. I haven't been able to sit through a full episode since Simon Cowell left. I love Nygel Lythgoe (Who's the executive producer of the show) & he's also the executive producer/judge on my favorite show "So you think you can dance" But I don't blame him for the show going downhill. 


When the first contestant walked in and the entire time Mariah & Nicki are arguing... It's turning into their show..I'm sorry I thought this show was about the talented contestants.

There was some definate pluses... 1. Keith Urban is an absolute doll!! I've always loved him and he's just so cute, calm, cool and adorable. If you would like to keep watching this year's Idol he'd be a great reason why

2. If Seacrest didn't tweet so much last night, he wouldn't be on my bad side at the moment but if I set that aside from now he really is a great host... he knows how to keep the show going when the judges begin to bicker and try to make it all about them.

3. I'm sure there is some great fantastic singers on the show, I just feel they are being overshadowed by people with just sad stories.


I probably will not be able to continue watching.. I just get so annoyed with the Mariah/Nicki show..but I cannot wait for the summer talent shows this year.. "America's Got Talent, So you think you can dance etc etc" 


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