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Kim K & Kanye not cashing in..

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Kim K & Kanye were offered 3 million dollars from a tabloid for the first pics of baby kimya.. They turned it down folks..yep.. Are you as shocked as me?? The Kardashians & Kanye are both known for wanting to be in the spotlight.. BIG TIME!! & They aren't cashing in like every other celebrity did.. My opinion they probably think not enough money was offered to them.

Brangelina's babys first pics of Shiloh sold for 4.1 million 

Marc Anthony & Jlo's first pics of their twins sold for 6 million...

I bet Kimya is thinking about all this ..and decided ya that's not enough money however we are going to pretend we just aren't those kinds of people & we won't be selling the first pics of our baby..

C'mon..I'll believe it when I see it..Stick by your word no matter how much money will be offered to you in the future..& Than I'll believe ya.. 


Get the story and more info here... 

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