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Holiday Hangover Cures

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Holiday Hangover Cures


Multiple Holiday get togethers with friends and family tend to lead to horrible hangovers... And while the only true cure for a hangover is to not drink, you can try some of these tactics for relief.


1. WATER!  You know you drank too much. You know you aren't going to feel well... start drinking water!  Before you go to bed, as soon as you wake up.  Part of the reason why you feel so bad is dehydration.  So... HYDRATE my friend. And research shows sports drinks are no better than water... so just grab a glass of good ole H20 and start drinking.

2.   CARBS.  Yep, carbs are your friend. Think toast, crackers, pizza, or pasta. You get the idea. Carbs will help regulate your blood sugars and help turn you around.


3.  Ibuprofen.  If you can't take the pounding headache reach for Advil, Aspirin, or naproxen. DO NOT reach for TYLENOL.  Your liver is already working over time thanks to your over indulgence.  The Tylenol will only make it work more and possibly cause damage.


Best of Luck!  I hope this helps you feel better fast.

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