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10 Things you didn't know about A CHRISTMAS STORY

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 10- Things You Didn't Know About A Christmas Story ...


1. Co-writer/director Bob Clark got to make ‘A Christmas Story’ because of ‘Porky’s’

2. Jack Nicholson wanted to play “The Old Man”

3. Flick’s tongue actually stuck to the flagpole

The crew rigged a fake pole with a small hole on one side attached to an air pump that would use suction to make it appear Scott’s tongue was stuck. R.D. Robb, the actor who played Ralphie’s friend Schwartz, said that Scott was being bratty on the set one day. So the crew got their revenge by leaving him stuck to the pole by his tongue right before a long lunch  


4. The Bumpus’ dogs ruining the family dinner didn’t actually happen at Christmas

5. A deleted scene featured Ralphie fighting Ming the Merciless with Flash Gordon







6. Peter Billingsley still has the bunny suit, the cowboy suit and the BB gun

7. Billingsley now works as a movie producer and director with Vince Vaughn

8. The actor who played Flick had a brief career as a porn star

9. Someone bought the ‘Christmas Story’ house on eBay and turned it into a museum

10. Billingsley helped produce a musical version of the movie for Broadway

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