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How to detox without wanting to drop kick a refrigerator

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 How to detox without wanting to drop kick a Refrigerator


**TONS OF WATER!! Aim for 1-2 quarts of water/per day plus two cups of tea or coffee.

**Cut calories...but don't get crazy.  Experts say 1400-1600 a will lose weight but won't be dragging butt.

**Start with a healthy breakfast!!  I usually do a hard-boiled egg and an apple, but nonfat plain greek yogurt and berries are tasty too.

**To eat for your other meals: lean protein & green veggies!!

**Need a snack mid-afternoon?  Berries, a small handful of unsalted nuts or air-popped popcorn.

Cut out refined sugars, white flour and rice, high-fat meats, dairy (other than plain, nonfat yogurt and milk), and all soda—both diet and regular.

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