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Hi *waves* I am Danielle your brand new mid-day mistress right here on 106.9 K-HITS. I am so excited to be a part of your day!!!

A little about me. I love eggs, pineapple & pickles and I could probably survive off them if I was on some desert island and had too! Speaking of desert island I've thought a lot about the 3 things I'd take with me if I had the choice to bring stuff with some desert island (a pretty desert island that I'd have all to myself)

1. The Backstreet Boys ... I'm a little obsessed and to have all 5 of them boys on this island with me..It's like a dream come true. :) 2. glitter.. Because glitter makes everything more fun, and more pretty & number 3: my own private airplane...that way I wouldn't actually be stuck on the island..however I'd tell the Backstreet Boys we were stuck and that we'd have to live together forever and ever and live happily ever after!!! 

I love twirling, and entertaining people. I love laughing and constantly making everyone else around me laugh... Dane Cook could quite possibly be the funniest man alive!!! If not my husband sure is.


Zooey Deschanel would portray me in a movie PLUS we'd make wonderful BFF's

I'm obsessed with reality tv. X-factor, The Voice, Big Brother, So you think you can dance, The real World..Glee..And actually most recently...this weekend I became obsessed with food network show "Restaurant stakeout"  it's phenomenal... 


Oh by the way phenomenal is currently my favorite word.. and OH MY my phrase..yay!!

I'm a huge New England Patriots fan, and all Boston sports teams except for College football which in that case my heart belongs to USC. I love life, and love! Love is is fabulous!!

here's a video I made


To check out more hit up my YOUTUBE page


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